Walrus Audio Reverb & Delay Pedals

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About Walrus Reverb & Delay Pedals

The Walrus Reverb & Delay Pedal selection is an impressive variety of American made effects. They cover everything from subtle sounding reverb to large cavernous textures. Reverb is one of the most popular guitar effects and Walrus reverb pedals recognise this with their boutique quality sounds.

Walrus Audio also produce excellent Delay pedals which work very well when used in conjunction with Reverb. As they are hand made, you can rely on them and their robust construction. Their hugely popular Slo pedals can be found on the pedal boards of professional guitarists the world over.

What Makes a Walrus Reverb or Delay Pedal Different?

  • Each pedal has been designed to produce the finest selection of sounds around
  • They can be used for any style of music thanks to their professional and adaptable tones
  • The responsive controls on each pedal allow you to fine tune the effect to your own preference

Frequently Asked Questions about Walrus Audio Reverb & Delay Pedals

Question: Are Walrus reverb pedals any good?
Yes. Walrus reverb pedals are a very good choice for adding professional sounding ambience, texture, and atmosphere to your chords and lead parts.
Question: Is Walrus SLO analog dry through?
The MIX control on the Walrus SLO can be used to increase the level of dry signal to achieve the perfect balance of reverb and dry signal.