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About All Pedal Guitar Pedals

All Pedal guitar pedals are a range of reliable, great quality effects at a brilliant price. With decades of experience building pedals under contract, All Pedal seriously know what they're doing!

Their flagship Galactavise Compressor pedal is built to give one of the most musical compressors out there thanks to its 'presence' control and low noise floor.

Meanwhile their Love Machine fuzz is their tribute to one of the all time classic fuzz pedal circuits, and boasts an octave-up for some serious lead tone action!

Why Should I Choose an All Pedal Guitar Pedal?

  • All Pedal's decades of effects manufacturing experience places them uniquely for designing effect you'll love
  • They deliver top drawer components, iconic designs and outstanding build quality at a great price

Frequently Asked Questions about All Pedal Guitar Pedals

Question: Where are All Pedal guitar pedals made?
All Pedal guitar pedals are proudly made in the USA.