Alvarez Ukuleles

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About Alvarez Ukuleles

Alvarez Ukuleles are high-quality instruments designed with beginners and intermediate players in mind. They come in many different sizes, including concert, tenor, soprano and baritone.

The Regent Series - denoted by RU in the model name - is the most affordable series. It uses strong laminate wood construction rather than solid wood. With a lot of glorified toys on the market, these are beginner ukuleles that sound and play like a quality instrument. They sport lovely natural finishes and are available in all four ukulele sizes. Some even have electronics for live performance.

Intermediate players will enjoy the rich quality of the Artist (AU) and Masterworks ranges. These are sophisticated instruments that come in natural wood finishes and a full range of body sizes. These ukuleles use solid wood for greater resonance and richer tone which will improve as the years go by. There are ukuleles in this range that come equipped with pickups. This enables you to take to the stage and plug into an amp or PA.

What Makes an Alvarez Ukulele Different?

  • Superior instruments for the beginner and intermediate player
  • Available in all ukulele sizes
  • Excellent build quality for rich tone

Frequently Asked Questions about Alvarez Ukuleles

Question: Where are Alvarez ukuleles made?
Alvarez ukuleles are made in China.
Question: Are Alvarez ukuleles good for beginners?
Alvarez ukuleles are ideal for beginners who would like to learn on a quality - yet affordable - instrument. Beginner ukuleles can sometimes be a bit cheap and nasty but Alvarez ukuleles are well built, comfortable and sound great.
Question: What materials do Alvarez ukuleles use?
Every Alvarez ukulele is constructed with a dovetail neck joint for optimal strength and transfer of energy between the neck and body. They also feature a real bone nut and saddle, aquila strings and a techwood or rosewood bridge.