Bass Amp Combos

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About Bass Amp Combos

A Bass Amp combo is an amplifier for a bass guitar. Unlike a stack, made of a head and a speaker cabinet, a combo has everything built into one enclosure.

Bass amplifiers are different to electric guitar amps. They require different speakers, different types of preamp circuits (that 'make' the tone) and different features on the front panel.

Bass amp combos are made by a huge number of companies from all over the world. At guitarguitar, we stock dozens and dozens of bass combos from brands including Fender, Mark Bass, Blackstar, and Orange. We have small, highly portable practice amps, gig-sized combo amps and larger models with multiple speakers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bass Amp Combos

The main benefits are convenience and portability. Having your entire rig in one box makes transporting and setting up much simpler and easier. You do not need extra cables and you do not need to match ohmages or anything like that. Unless you are playing on stages that require a great deal of power, combos will usually supply you with everything you need.
The Fender Rumble 15 V3 is our bestselling.