Bass Amp Heads

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bass Amp Heads

Question: Can I use a guitar cabinet with a bass head?
We don't recommend it. The whole point of playing bass is to provide a large, confident low end. Much of that low end will be lost if you play through a guitar amp since guitar amps are aimed far more at the mid frequencies than the bass ones. While certain genres support the use of mixed cabinets (a guitar cab and a bass cab used together) for electric guitars, there is no particular stylistic benefit to doing this with bass. Having said that, progress is made through experimentation so by all means try it out! Just be careful to work out ohmage and so on so you don't damage yourself or your gear.
Question: What is better for a bass head: valve or solid state?
We believe that there is no 'better'. There is simply what you prefer the sound of or what works for you in practical terms. Both have their benefits and both have their drawbacks. Some companies like Mark Bass also produce 'hybrid' heads that give you a little of both, bridging the gap.