Bass Practice Amps

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About Bass Practice Amps

A good bass practice amp is essential for every player!

A bass practice amp is a small combo that can be played quietly and with headphones. Although it’s more fun to feel your bass make the floorboards shudder, it’s not always the best option for home playing!

Practice bass amps often have an ‘Aux In’. This allows you to plug in a backing track for you to play along with. Some bigger practice amps also have a ‘Line Out’. This means you could take them to a gig in a pinch or use them as a DI while recording.


Why Should I Choose a Bass Practice Amp?

  • Rewarding practice at low volumes
  • Smaller and lighter than traditional bass amps
  • Some are suitable for the stage and studio

Frequently Asked Questions about Bass Practice Amps

Question: Can I play live with a practice amp?
Yes, some of the bigger practice bass amps - usually over 40W - have XLR line outs. Practice amps usually have quite small speakers and will struggle in a gig environment. A line out bypasses the speaker and runs your amp tone straight to the PA.
Question: What is a good bass amp to use for practice at home?
Anything with that allows you to plug in headphones and a backing track will do nicely!