Barnes & Mullins Banjos

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Barnes & Mullins Banjos

Barnes & Mullins Banjos is a well-respected brand of banjos at an affordable price, perfect for beginners to intermediate players. Barnes & Mullins produce a wide range folk instruments as well as banjos which includes both closed and open back 5 string banjos. The Barnes and Mullins banjo range also includes tenor banjos, banjo ukuleles and 6 string guitar banjos.


Why Should I Choose a Barnes & Mullins Banjo?

  • Range of Options
  • Gorgeous Aesthetics
  • Perfect for Beginners and Intermediates
  • Excellent Tone

Frequently Asked Questions about Barnes & Mullins Banjos

Question: Are Barnes and Mullins banjos good?
Yes. Barnes and Mullins Banjos are very good. Barnes and Mullins banjos are well made, with a variety of options that are able to suit beginners or more advanced players.
Question: Where are Barnes and Mullins banjos made?
Barnes and Mullins banjos are currently made in China.