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About Barnes & Mullins

Barnes and Mullins was started in 1895 by Samuel Bowley Barnes and Albert Mullins. The pair were part of a banjo duo that set the foundation for what Barnes and Mullins were and continue to hold close to their company legacy. From the start Barnes and Mullins was quickly a successful company and even with the unfortunate passing of the two owners they had left a long lasting impact across the globe that continues to develop connections to this day. Now more than 125 years after the founding, Barnes and Mullins is an award winning distributor that represents many of the worlds biggest brands. In addition to this they continue to produce a range of acoustic instruments including ukeleles, mandolins and of course banjos.

More than 125 years worth of experience in distribution and developing high quality folk instruments has made Barnes and Mullins a leader in their sector. With this much experience behind every instrument you can be sure every one you pick up will be designed to play like a real performer.


Why Should I Choose Barnes & Mullins?

  • Award winning brand
  • 125 years of experience in instruments
  • Wide variety of models

Frequently Asked Questions about Barnes & Mullins

Question: Who are Barnes and Mullins?
Barnes and Mullins are an award winning distributor of high quality instruments.
Question: What does Barnes and Mullins make?
Barnes and Mullins mainly manufacture acoustic style instruments including banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, and more.
Question: Is Barnes and Mullins a good brand?
Yes Barnes and Mullins are an award winning brand who have been operating for 125 years and always striving for high quality.