Barnes & Mullins Mandolins

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About Barnes & Mullins Mandolins

Barnes and Mullins mandolins have a well-deserved reputation as exceptional instruments, especially for beginners. Their combination of excellent build, good materials and construction techniques results in mandolins that have excellent sound and are extremely playable. Barnes & Mullins produce a wide range folk instruments which includes mandolins.

Barnes and Mullins mandolins come in a variety of styles and shapes that will suit whatever your playing needs may be.


Why Should I Choose a Barnes & Mullins Mandolin?

  • High-quality
  • Great sound
  • Superb playability
  • Great beginner option

Frequently Asked Questions about Barnes & Mullins Mandolins

Question: Are Barnes and Mullins mandolins any good?
Yes. Barnes and Mullins Mandolins are very good. Barnes and Mullins Mandolins feature high-quality construction, great design choices, excellent sound and superb playability.
Question: Where are Barnes and Mullins mandolins made?
Barnes and Mullins mandolins are made in China to a very high quality which means they play and sound great while still offering excellent value for money.