BC Rich

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About BC Rich

BC Rich started in 1969 and throughout the 1970's produced incredibly unique and iconic shapes. With the rise of the Heavy Metal scene BC Rich found a home of sorts as their extreme shapes such as the Warlock and Mockingbird became increasingly popular. Over the years the brand has offered a combination of affordable and high end models, something they still continue today with both Import and USA built guitars, aiming to continue the legacy of these unique shapes and BC Rich's history.

Why Should I Choose BC Rich?

  • Unique shapes
  • Premium hardware
  • Eye catching finishes

Frequently Asked Questions about BC Rich

Question: Where are BC Rich made?
BC Rich have guitars made in Indonesia, Korea, and the USA, this provides a wide range of guitars at different levels.
Question: Who uses BC Rich?
Throughout the years many players have used BC Rich including Slash, Paul Stanley, and Joe Perry. In the modern day BC Rich continues to offer the signature model of Chuck Schuldiner in the Iconic Stealth Shape.
Question: What are BC Rich known for?
BC Rich are mainly known for their extreme shapes, and with their variety of finish options these can look both aggressive and stunning.