Blackstar Bass Amps

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About Blackstar Bass Amps

Blackstar bass amps closely follow the lead of the brand's guitar amps by offering a diverse range of combos, heads and cabs that stretch from the tiniest portable battery powered amp to full rigs designed for world domination. Bassists will be able to choose from a great selection of well-featured amps that marry tradition with modernity in a very successful mix.

Bassists will want to head straight to the Unity range and take in this superb and comprehensive range of amps. Whether you need an amp for practice, rehearsal, recording, gigging or just enjoyment, Blackstar have an amp for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackstar Bass Amps

Question: Do the Blackstar Unity bass amps have built in effects?
Yes, they do! Each amp has built-in Chorus, Compressor and Octaver effects for some quick and easy colouring of your sound.
Question: What does the Response control do?
The Response control simulates the power amp stage of 3 different types of amp - Linear, 6L6 and 6550 - which all have their feel, compression and dynamic response.
Question: What are all of the models in the Unity series?
The Blackstar Unity series is a very comprehensive range. There are 5 amp models and an extension cabinet available. Here is the full line up: U30, U60, U120, U250, U500 and the Unity 250 Active Cabinet.