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About BOSS Chorus Pedals

BOSS Chorus Pedals are loved by guitarists for their distinctive dreamy tone that is great for fattening up clean sounds, making solo tones sing and rhythm tones sound huge. Once you hear what a great chorus pedal does to your tone, you'll instantly recognize it from its eternal presence in contemporary music. From pop, to metal, or from reggae to shoegaze, the chorus effect is used liberally. The chorus sound is often used to bring simple musical parts to life, and by tweaking the depth knobs, the brilliant sound can go from subtle to extreme to suit your taste. Most BOSS chorus pedals also feature separate stereo outputs that can be run to left and right speakers or amps to create a unique stereo effect that can be used effectively to make it sound like two guitarists are playing when you've only one guitar on stage. With incredible sound quality and precise shaping, a BOSS pedal can give you crystal clear highs that shimmer and a silky and warm midrange that will make your guitar sound beautiful.

BOSS Chorus Pedals continue to set the standard when it comes to this popular modulation effect. The range of BOSS Chorus Pedals includes the classic CH-1 Super Chorus as well as Waza Craft and Bass options. Each one comes in the recognisable robust BOSS housing, so it will last through many years of touring. BOSS Chorus Pedals are still the first choice for legendary guitarists across all genres, from the likes of Steve Vai to Andreas Kisser. If you are looking to add this iconic effect to your pedalboard then one of the BOSS Chorus Pedals will serve you very well.

Why Should I Choose a BOSS Chorus Pedal?

  • Unmistakable BOSS Chorus tone
  • They set the standard with the first Chorus pedal made
  • Make clean tones sound bigger
  • There are several versions to choose from
  • Incredible BOSS build quality
  • An excellent way to transform your sound

Frequently Asked Questions about BOSS Chorus Pedals

Question: What does the BOSS chorus pedal do?
Chorussing is often achieved by mixing your guitar's signal with a duplicate that has a modulating pitch and is often delayed slightly to make it sound like more than one guitar is playing.
Question: Is the BOSS Chorus Pedal any good?
Yes, BOSS Chorus Pedals are some of the best chorus pedals around and are used by iconic guitarists such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Jerry Cantrell.
Question: What does the BOSS Chorus Pedal do?
BOSS Chorus Pedals produce a pleasing modulated sound thanks to their pitch and time variations which are controlled by adjusting the Rate and Depth of the effect.
Question: When was the BOSS Chorus Pedal first released?
The BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble pedal was released in 1976 and was the world's first chorus pedal.
Question: Which BOSS chorus pedal is the best?
The latest BOSS CE-5 Chorus is an icon in its own right.
Question: What does a BOSS chorus pedal sound like?
Chorus can go from a subtle doubling type sound to all-out warm dreamy goodness.
Question: Who uses BOSS chorus pedals?
Some notable BOSS chorus users include Jimmy Page, James Hetfield, David Gilmour and Johnny Marr.