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About Boss Waza Craft

Boss Waza Craft is a special subdivision of products from electronics giant Roland. As part of their Boss family, Waza Craft is a range of high-end pedals and amps. They are made in Japan by a special team of engineer sand builders to offer updated, modified takes on Boss classics.

Boss Waza products are easy to spot due to the extra logo and branding on each pedal or amp. They are made with higher quality components and often sport extra features. Several acknowledged classics such as the MT-2 Metal Zone and the BD-2 Blues Driver have been made into Waza Craft models.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Waza Craft

Question: What is the difference between the standard Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive and the Waza Craft SD-1W?
The Boss SD-1 is a classic overdrive pedal, rightfully lauded for its expressive and natural sound. Boss' Waza Craft division take this pedal's DNA and go further with it, making the sound more touch sensitive, more organic and more natural. There is a selectable Custom more which brings slightly more gain and a different EQ focus, without transforming the unique tone of the SD-1. Aside from this, you get Japanese build quality with superior components. All in all, it's a superb and respectful update.