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About BOSS Waza Craft

BOSS Waza Craft Pedals are premium versions of classic analog BOSS pedals. The Waza Craft series have been aptly named as the term Waza means "art" and "technique" in Japan. Aiming to give fine guitar sounds and exceptional tone, these pedals are made in Japan to a great build quality. Built by a specialist team of engineers, time and effort to test and select each component within the pedals have taken place to ensure better sounding pedals.

BOSS Waza Craft isn't just modified versions of popular BOSS pedals. At BOSS their design and craftsmanship have used an official, complete redesign of original circuits by the original developers. Achieving Waza Craft reissued versions of many of their highly popular models, such as the Metal Zone, Blues Driver, Chorus and Delay. It's impressive that a big brand like BOSS can achieve boutique-level quality, like they did with the Waza series. All these pedals have great sound and features just like the standard mode BOSS models but now have improvements such as slightly more gain, better touch response or frequency range. For example the SD-W1 overdrive pedal features an extra 2 way switch control to choose between S/C mode, to gain more low ends with one flip of the switch. The Waza Craft pedals also have reduced noise when playing through due to their refined circuitry.

The BOSS Waza Craft pedals have a compact and appealing look. Easily recognizable with redefined design including silver plates, engraved serial numbers, silver screws and The Waza Craft logo clearly displayed on the footswitch. Details are important to this brand in quality and even in aesthetics and it shows.

BOSS Waza products are easy to spot due to the extra logo and branding on each pedal. They are made with higher quality components and often sport extra features. Several acknowledged classics such as the MT-2 Metal Zone and the BD-2 Blues Driver have been made into Waza Craft models.

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Why Should I Choose BOSS Waza Craft?

  • Premium effects
  • BOSS is a staple in the effects world
  • Reissued original circuits for amazing effects

Frequently Asked Questions about BOSS Waza Craft

Question: What is the Waza Craft in BOSS?
Waza Craft is a line of high end pedals, that are reissue and improved versions of well known BOSS pedal models. They have better construction and use higher-end components.
Question: Are BOSS Waza Craft pedals worth it?
Yes, Boss Waza Craft pedals are worth it as their build quality, improved sound and extra features give their well known standard models pedals a revamp into boutique-level quality.
Question: Who uses a BOSS Waza Craft pedal?
Many musicians are using Boss Waza Craft pedals all the way up to professional artists such as Steve Vai and guitar vituoso, John 5.
Question: What is the difference between the standard Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive and the Waza Craft SD-1W?
The Boss SD-1 is a classic overdrive pedal, rightfully lauded for its expressive and natural sound. Boss' Waza Craft division take this pedal's DNA and go further with it, making the sound more touch sensitive, more organic and more natural. There is a selectable Custom more which brings slightly more gain and a different EQ focus, without transforming the unique tone of the SD-1. Aside from this, you get Japanese build quality with superior components. All in all, it's a superb and respectful update.