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About Boss Wah Pedals

BOSS Wah Pedals combine the classic wah sound with BOSS's signature gig ready durability, delivering that familiar classic wah sound with the rock solid feel of a rugged die cast aluminum chassis. The BOSS wah pedal range includes the PW-3 which operates like a traditional wah pedal and features a space saving design, smooth pivot action and switchable voice settings that let you opt between a vintage mode and a unique rich mode that boasts a low end fullness that's often missing from other pedals and doesn't sacrifice feel like a typical wah.

While the AW-3 Auto Wah is a highly responsive wah that reacts to your playing, delivering more control over your tone than conventional wah pedals. With a compact design that's great for any pedal board and an intuitive set of controls that let you dial in your preferred wah action, the AW-3 is a great option for players who want to have the wah effect, without having to concentrate on syncing their feet with their playing. BOSS wah pedals find the perfect balance between traditional tone and pro playing feel and are the ideal option for any style of guitarist.

Why Should I Choose a BOSS Wah Pedal?

  • Professional tone
  • Detailed control
  • Great build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about BOSS Wah Pedals

Question: Are BOSS wah pedals any good?
Yes, BOSS wah pedals feature BOSS's signature reliability and innovation to deliver incredible tone.
Question: Which guitarists use a BOSS wah pedal?
Some notable BOSS wah users include John Petrucci, John 5 and Marty Friedman.
Question: Where are BOSS wah pedals made?
BOSS have manufacturing facilities in Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia.
Question: Can I get 'normal' wah-wah sounds from the AW-3?
Yes, there is an input for an expression pedal. Taking advantage of this allows you to operate the wah in a traditional way.
Question: Does the PW-3 Power Wah have different sound modes?
Yes, it has two modes: Rich and Vintage. Rich is perfect for modern high gain sounds and Vintage gives you the classic wah tone.