Boss Wah Pedals

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About Boss Wah Pedals

Boss wah pedals are, as we've come to expect from Boss, excellent sounding, tough as nails and full of features. Essentially, there are two types of wah pedal to choose from: one, like the PW-3 Power Wah, operates like a traditional wah pedal with a rocker treadle pedal for moving back and forth through the frequencies. The other, like the AW-3, is housed inside Boss' famous compact pedal chassis and works based on velocity/touch sensitivity. Both are excellent in their own ways and both are deserving of consideration as additions to your pedal board.

Wah is a perennially popular effect and Boss' take on the subject display lots of variety and adaptability. Try both styles in one of our soundproofed demo booths at any of our UK guitarguitar stores./p>

Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Wah Pedals

Question: Can I get 'normal' wah-wah sounds from the AW-3?
Yes, there is an input for an expression pedal. Taking advantage of this allows you to operate the wah in a traditional way.
Question: Does the PW-3 Power Wah have different sound modes?
Yes, it has two modes: Rich and Vintage. Rich is perfect for modern high gain sounds and Vintage gives you the classic wah tone.