Casio Digital Piano

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About Casio Digital Pianos

Casio Pianos are among the best digital pianos in the world, featuring quality sounds and realistic feeling ivory effect keys. Ideal both for learners and for use in professional environments by experienced players, Casio digital pianos feature a focused and intuitive user interface and an accurate response from the keys. All of our Casio pianos come with free online keyboard lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions about Casio Digital Piano

Question: Can I use a Casio piano to send MIDI to a computer?
Yes, simply connect from the USB port on the piano direct to your computer.
Question: Are Casio pianos good for theatre use?
Absolutely, Casio pianos feature a great range of sound commonly used in theatre productions and can easily be connected to a PA/speaker system from the audio outputs.
Question: Do Casio pianos have weighted keys?
Yes, all Casio pianos feature full-sized weighted keys.