Darkglass Bass Amps

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About Darkglass Bass Amps

Darkglass Bass Amps are produced by Darkglass Electronics, a maker of bass equipment from Finland. They make heads, cabinets and pedals exclusively for bassists. These are designed and built in Finland to the highest levels of quality.

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Why Should I Choose a Darkglass Bass Amp?

  • Designed for bass players by bass players
  • The first and only choice for many modern bass players
  • Excellent quality
  • Designed and engineered in Finland

Frequently Asked Questions about Darkglass Bass Amps

Question: Are Darkglass bass amps any good?
Yes. Darkglass have become first choice for many modern bass players due to their tone, ease of use, and quality.
Question: Where are Darkglass bass amps made?
Darkglass products are designed and engineered in Finland and many products are handmade in Finland.