Dunlop Electric Guitar Strings

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About Dunlop Electric Guitar Strings

Dunlop Electric Guitar Strings deliver quality, reliability and tone you can depend on! First developed by Mr. Jim Dunlop and made in Benicia, California, Dunlop Strings are the choice of a host of top players and come in a wide range of gauges and formats, from the super light Rev. Willy's sets, designed for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, to the Heavy Core 12-54s for extra heavy music.

Dunlop Strings are delivered in a protective bag to ensure every pack delivers the focused mids and crisp highs you expect from your nickel wound Dunlop Strings.

Why Should I Choose Dunlop Electric Guitar Strings?

  • Available in a wide range of gauges and formats
  • High quality, reliable construction and materials
  • Stunning tone with focused mids and crisp highs
  • Retain their tone for gig after gig
  • String brand of choice for a host of iconic players

Frequently Asked Questions about Dunlop Electric Guitar Strings

Question: Are Dunlop electric guitar strings any good?
Yes they are! Dunlop electric guitar strings offer the player a quality, reliable string that boasts dependable sound with focused mids and crisp highs that just lasts for gig after gig.
Question: Where are Jim Dunlop guitar strings made?
Dunlop electric guitar strings are proudly made at the Dunlop String Lab in Benicia, California USA.
Question: Which artists use Dunlop electric guitar strings?
A host of iconic players from across the whole spectrum of music, including Jerry Cantrell, Billy Gibbons, Jim Root and Paul Jackson Jr.