Elixir Electric Guitar Strings

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About Elixir Electric Guitar Strings

Elixir Electric Guitar Strings are loved for their great tone and long life that sets them apart from other electric strings. Each set of Elixir strings features a specially designed coating that prevents debris and skin particles from working their way between the strings and causing them to feel dull and lifeless, the result is a set of wound strings that always feel vibrant and resonant compared to regular guitar strings.

Elixir coated electric guitar strings are available in three different variations, Polyweb, Nanoweb and Optiweb, and while there is no best Elixir electric guitar strings set, each set of coated strings can be selected to suit your preferred tone and playing style. Elixir nanoweb electric guitar strings feature a bright tone with a focussed midrange and smooth feel, Polyweb strings deliver a warmer tone and a faster playing experience, while Optiweb nickel plated steel strings sound crisp and have a more natural feel under your fingers, all of the above sound amazing compared to uncoated strings and let you get even closer to your desired tone.


Why Should I Choose Elixir Electric Guitar Strings?

  • Lively playing experience
  • Precise tone
  • Long life span

Frequently Asked Questions about Elixir Electric Guitar Strings

Question: Are Elixir strings good for electric guitars?
Yes, Elixir make a series of strings that have been specifically designed to get the best possible tone from your electric guitar.
Question: Which artists use Elixir electric guitar strings?
Some notable Elixir users include Christopher Cross, Bernth Brodträger and Marcus King.
Question: Do Elixir strings sound better?
Yes, they feature an innovative coated design that delivers a more consistent tone over a longer lifespan.
Question: Is Nanoweb or Polyweb better?
Neither is better, rather they each possess qualities that will better suit different styles of playing.
Question: How long should Elixir electric guitar strings last?
Elixir strings feature a protective coating that promises a much longer lifespan than your average strings.