Epiphone Prophecy

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About Epiphone Prophecy

The Epiphone Prophecy series has always been a unique take on classic Gibson designs. Aimed at modern players who prefer more high energy styles these guitars have to be detailed to handle the biggest of riffs and fastest of licks. With designs such as the Epiphone Les Paul, SG, Explorer and Flying V there is a wide variety of design choices in the Prophecy Series, and each comes with a variety of stunning finishes that are perfect for standing out from the crowd.

All 4 of these shapes are detailed to thoroughly modern. With a range of modern finishes including a red tiger burst and purple tiger burst it's easy to see these guitars mean business. Up close you'll find a fast slim neck with 24 fret as well as the Custom Fishman Fluence pickups which offer multiple voices for unequalled versatility. Complete with a Graph Tech nut, LockTone bridge and Grover locking tuners these Epiphone Prophecy guitars are truly ready for anything.

The Epiphone Prophecy collection started back in 2008 and has been flourishing ever since. The Prophecy Series takes iconic, traditional guitar designs and transforms them, turning them into guitars fit for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.


Why Should I Choose an Epiphone Prophecy Guitar?

  • Iconic designs, modern specs
  • Refreshing finishes
  • Fishman Fluence pickups with multiple voices
  • Fast playing necks

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Prophecy

Question: Is Epiphone Prophecy any good?
Yes. The Epiphone Prophecy series guitars are of exceptional quality, featuring high grade components, great build quality and iconic designs.
Question: Where is Epiphone Prophecy made?
Epiphone Prophecy guitars are made in Qingdao, China.
Question: What guitars are available in the Epiphone Prophecy series?
The Epiphone Prophecy Series currently has Flying V, Les Paul Style, SG Style and Explorer Style in the range.
Question: What is Epiphone Prophecy Series?
The Epiphone Prophecy series is designed to give a modern twist to iconic Gibson designs, with modern specs including 24 frets, Fishman Fluence humbuckers, eye-catching finishes, and fast playing necks.
Question: Does the Epiphone Prophecy come with a case?
No, Epiphone Prophecy series guitars do not include a case as standard.