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About Fender Paramount

The Fender Paramount range is a beautiful collection of all-solid acoustic guitars. The series includes a variety of body shapes including Parlour, Travel and Auditorium models. These instruments are made with the performing songwriter in mind. They therefore boast Fender/Fishman pickups systems for great live sound.

Using solid tonewoods for the body and top of each model puts the Paramount acoustic series on a pedestal. Solid wood guitars resonate far better than guitars with laminated sections. They also continue to improve sonically as they age, meaning these guitars will just get better and better.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Paramount

Question: What is a parlour guitar?
A parlour guitar is the semi-official name given to acoustic guitars that have a body size smaller than that of a concert size guitar, but are still regarded as 'full size'. They tend to have a lot of mid-range emphasis and generally have a traditional, historic look.
Question: Is all-solid constructiton better than solid top construction for acoustic guitars?
Acoustic guitars made entirely of solid tonewoods are the best bet for beautiful tone. If you can afford an all-solid guitar, it'll repay the extra cost many times over. This is because the woods resonate together and mature, improving the sound even more. If all-solid guitars are out of your budget, an acoustic with a solid top (or soundboard as they are sometimes named) is definitely the way to go. The top is the main contributing factor to an acoustic guitar's tone (there are lots of factors but this is a major one). Having a solid piece of wood is a much better choice than a laminated top. Laminated construction guitars will sound absolutely fine. However they will not improve with time, unlike a solid top or an all-solid acoustic.
Question: Where are the Fender Paramount series guitars made?
Fender Paramount acoustic guitars are designed in the USA and built in China.