Freshman Ukuleles

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About Freshman Ukuleles

Freshman Ukuleles are the ideal gateway into the world of ukulele playing. Designed in Scotland, these instruments have an excellent build quality, with each being built to exact specifications before being inspected, and tested by experienced luthiers. The result is a series of Ukuleles that have an exceptional build-quality, great design and at a very affordable and economic price point. Freshman Ukuleles come in a variety of styles and sizes, such as soprano, tenor and baritone.

Why Should I Choose a Freshman Ukulele?

  • High-Quality
  • Great Looks
  • Very Affordable
  • Range of Options

Frequently Asked Questions about Freshman Ukuleles

Question: Are Freshman Ukuleles any good?
Yes. Freshman Ukuleles are high quality instruments, boasting great sound, a range of options and all at a very affordable and economical price point.
Question: Where are Freshman Ukuleles made?
Freshman Ukuleles are designed in the Scotland and assembled in China.
Question: Are Freshman ukuleles good for beginners?
Yes. Freshman Ukuleles are very good for beginners. Their high-quality build and affordable cost allows beginners the opportunity to experiment with a solid instrument, without a huge cost.
Question: What sizes of ukulele do Freshman make?
Freshman offer a variety of sizes and styles of Ukulele, such as Soprano, Tenor and Baritone Ukuleles.
Question: What materials do Freshman ukuleles use?
Freshman ukuleles usually feature mahogany, ash or koa for their top, back and sides with a walnut fingerboard. They will frequently use a bone nut and saddle and aquila strings.