Gretsch Guitar Cases

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About Gretsch Guitar Cases

Gretsch Guitar Cases are a must-have accessory for Streamliner and Electromatic models, which don’t come with hard cases. They also work great as a replacement case for the Gretsch Professional Series.

Gretsch guitars are among the most iconic electric guitars of all time. Part of what makes them so special is their unique body sizes, arched tops and bigsby tremolo. These things make it difficult to find a generic hard case to fit their guitars. The best solution in many cases is to find the Gretsch guitar case purpose-built for each model. Gretsch guitar cases are extremely solid and boast a plush interior - guaranteed to keep your special Gretsch guitar safe.

Why Should I Choose a Gretsch Guitar Case?

  • Great Build Quality
  • Purpose Built for Gretsch Guitars
  • Must Have for Gretsch Players

Frequently Asked Questions about Gretsch Guitar Cases

Question: Do Gretsch make guitar cases?
Yes. Gretsch make a number of guitar cases which are purpose built for their unique style of guitar.
Question: Are Gretsch guitar cases any good?
Yes. Gretsch guitar cases are very good. They provide Gretsch players with a reliable option to secure their instrument.