Hagstrom Hard Cases

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About Hagstrom Hard Cases

Hagstrom Hard Cases are the one stop, go to solution for maximum protection for your Hagstrom guitar. Each case is a work of true tradesman's craft on its own, just like Hagstrom's guitars, and every guitar hard case is built tough from high grade plywood, and features deep plush protective lining to protect your guitar's finish. The outside is adorned with durable vintage tan tolex with distinctive heavy brown stitching, tasteful leatherette stitched sides, and a gracefully emblazoned Hagstrom logo, all ensuring your guitar's own personal limousine is every inch as stylish as it is secure and protective.

Why Should I Choose a Hagstrom Hard Case?

  • Built tough from high grade materials, inside and out
  • Offers maximum protection for your Hagstrom guitar
  • Made to measure to fit specific series of Hagstrom guitars
  • Tailor made peace of mind whether your guitar is in storage or transport

Frequently Asked Questions about Hagstrom Hard Cases

Question: Are Hagstrom hard cases any good?
Yes they are! Hagstrom cases are made from high grade plywood with deep plush interiors, ensuring your guitar receives maximum protection from inside and out.
Question: Where are Hagstrom hard cases made?
Hagstrom Cases are made at Hagstrom's home factory in Älvdalen, Dalecarlia, Sweden.
Question: What are Hagstrom guitar cases good for?
Hagstrom cases are great for protecting your Hagstrom guitar, whether in home or professional storage, or in transport. Built tough with case models to suit specific ranges and series of guitars, your Hagstrom case is tailor made to protect your Hagstrom guitar.