Ibanez Ukuleles

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About Ibanez Ukuleles

Ibanez ukuleles are an extention of the company's diverse acoustic instrument range. Ukuleles are popular because they are relativey easy to play and relatively inexpensive. Ibanez offer a number of ukulele models in different sizes including soprano and concert size models. All are fitted with nylon strings for an authentic sound. Some ukulele models such as the excellent UEW15E-OPN are electro models, fitted with a special pickup in order to be plugged into an amp and played live. Ibanez ukuleles are made from woods including Sapele and Mahogany.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Ukuleles

Question: Is the Ukulele easy to play?
In a word, yes. Chords are easy to form and the instrument itself is easy to get to grips with. Beginners will be up and playing in a matter of hours whilst experienced players will have no trouble at all with a uke.
Question: What different sizes do Ibanez make Ukuleles in?
Ibanez ukuleles are available in concert and soprano sizes.