John Cruz Custom Guitars

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About John Cruz Custom Guitars

John Cruz Custom Guitars is a new brand created by one of the most well known luthiers in the world, John Cruz. With a lifetime of crafting guitars of this nature behind him you can be sure Cruz knows these guitars inside and out. John Cruz has developed the "relic'ing" process over many years and his techniques are used by many custom shops around the world. With his own line of guitars he continues with the classic look of a well worn guitar while still having it play at it's absolute best. With custom designed pickups and high quality, Japanese Gotoh hardware these guitars sound and look classic but perform with the quality and confidence of a modern performance instrument.


Why Should I Choose a John Cruz Custom Guitar?

  • Built by one of the most well known luthiers in the world
  • Classic designs
  • High quality hardware
  • In depth Ageing process

Frequently Asked Questions about John Cruz Custom Guitars

Question: Who are John Cruz Custom Guitars?
John Cruz Custom guitars was formed by well known luthier John Cruz.
Question: Where are John Cruz Custom Guitars made?
John Cruz Custom Guitars are made in the USA.
Question: Who uses a John Cruz Custom Guitar?
Any player after an alternative style classic guitar can pick up a John Cruz Custom Guitar.