Kithara Guitars

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About Kithara Guitars

Kithara Guitars are hand built in Northern Ireland, providing an exceptional level of quality with a wonderful breath of fresh air when it comes to design. Inspired by both Ireland's rich history of building and classic designs, Kithara guitars aims to respect tradition while bringing in their own spin on electric guitar design. Using the finest materials around Kithara have already seen recognition from some of the guitar world's brightest modern voices such as Ariel Posen and Cory Wong.

Why Should I Choose a Kithara Guitar?

  • Hand Crafted in Ireland
  • Fresh spins on classic designs
  • The highest quality materials

Frequently Asked Questions about Kithara Guitars

Question: Are Kithara guitars any good?
Yes, Kithara are handcrafted guitars that have received wide praise and are even used by artists such as Ariel Posen and Cory Wong.
Question: Where are Kithara guitars made?
Kithara guitars are handmade in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Question: What pickups do Kithara guitars come with?
Kithara guitars come with a wide range of pickups from single coil, to humbucker, from boutique brands such as Lambertone, and Mojo.
Question: What Kithara guitar models are available?
Kithara guitar models that are available include the Harland, Fifty-Six, Astral, and Astral Deluxe.