Laney Bass Amps

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About Laney Bass Amps

Laney bass amps are available in a variety of sizes. The company produces both solid state amps and valve amps for basses.

Laney make small amps for practicing, solid bass combos for gigging and full sized stacks for touring the world. Bassists are well-served by the amps on offer by this fantastic brand.

As a major authorised UK Laney dealer, we keep a large selection of their bass guitar amps in stock throughout our guitarguitar stores. Come in for a demo or simply browse the full range here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laney Bass Amps

Question: Are Laney Nexus amps full valve amps?
Some are, some aren't! Heads like the Nexus Tube heads are completely valve. Others, like the Nexus Fet, allow you to blend tube preamp tones with solid state. Others, like the portable Nexus SLS, are solid state.