Line 6 Amp Covers

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About Line 6 Amp Covers

Line 6 Amp Covers are the official accessory designed to keep your amp in excellent condition. They are made to a very high standard from durable materials and also look great with a branded logo. The Catalyst and Spider V range of amps can benefit from these covers, whether it is between practice at home or in the rehearsal room. Key features on the Spider V range include a rear pocket for accessories such as a power cord while the Catalyst covers are tear, abrasion, and water resistant thanks to their 600-denier vinyl exterior. If you have a Line 6 amp and want to keep it at its best then these custom designed covers are an excellent way to do so.

Why Should I Choose a Line 6 Amp Cover?

  • Custom covers specially designed for a perfect fit
  • Offers protection from scuffs and dust
  • Made from high quality durable materials

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Amp Covers

Question: Are Line 6 amp covers any good?
Yes! Line 6 amp covers have been designed specifically for their amps, giving a neat fit that keeps your amplifier in top condition.
Question: Why would I need a Line 6 amp cover?
Whether at home or in the practice space, amps can be accidentally bumped or scuffed. Line 6 amp covers keep your amp in great condition thanks to their durable construction.
Question: What are Line 6 amp covers made from?
The Line 6 Catalyst range of amp covers feature a 600-denier vinyl exterior which provides impressive protection from tears and scuffs.