Marshall Acoustic Amps

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About Marshall Acoustic Amps

Marshall Acoustic Amps are excellent companions to singer songwriters and other acoustic musicians. With a rich history in amplifier design Marshall are able to extend their great sound quality and build quality to the acoustic amp platform. Marshall were among the first to recognise the now huge trend for solo acoustic performers who needed to amplify both their guitar and their voice with one amplifier. Their AS range of amps are very familiar sights to those who frequent 'unplugged' gigs, and often serve as the perfect amp to accompany the gigging singer-songwriter.

The Marshall AS amps have built in digital effects to enhance the sound of both your guitar and your voice, whilst the vocal channel has an XLR input jack for a high quality, low noise connection to your dynamic vocal mic. Each channel has its own EQ for optimum tone sculpting. This allows you to get the perfect sound from busking to intimate acoustic gigs.

If you are an acoustic singer songwriter who is looking for a clean sounding, reliable amp for a world leader, check out Marshall acoustic amps.

Why Should I Choose a Marshall Acoustic Amp?

  • A rich history in Amp design
  • A wide range of features
  • Marshall acoustic amps are perfect for acoustic guitar and vocals

Frequently Asked Questions about Marshall Acoustic Amps

Question: Are Marshall amps good for acoustic?
Yes, Marshall has a long history of designing high quality amps and this experience extends to acoustic amps delivering a great tone.
Question: What models are in the Marshall AS range?
The current Marshall AS range is comprised of two amps: the AS50D 50 watt combo and the AS100D 100 watt combo.
Question: Where are Marshall acoustic amps made?
Marshall Acoustic Amps are made in China.