Mono Guitar Straps

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About Mono Guitar Straps

Mono Guitar Straps are made to a premium standard from near indestructible materials and feature an innovative design that delivers the ultimate playing experience even when playing heavy instruments for long hours. With a lightweight construction that uses military grade webbing, memory foam padding and matte black steel hardware, Mono guitar straps take strap design to the next level for extreme wear performances. Mono guitar straps also feature a hidden mini pocket that stashes picks and other small guitar accessories, so you never need to be caught out mid-performance if you lose your plectrum. Any mono guitar strap slides nicely onto guitar strap pins and brings the past into the future with a feel that must be worn to be believed.


Why Should I Choose a Mono Guitar Strap?

  • Premium quality
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Innovative design

Frequently Asked Questions about Mono Guitar Straps

Question: Are Mono guitar straps good?
Yes, Mono guitar straps are among the finest available.
Question: Do Mono guitar straps work on all guitars?
Yes, any guitar with strap buttons will work with a Mono strap.