MusicNomad Humidifiers

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About MusicNomad Humidifiers

MusicNomad Humidifiers are an excellent solution to prevent damage that can occur due to lack of humidity drying out guitar woods. This low maintenance guitar humidifier safely releases moisture evenly to eliminate this problem, making it a great choice for use with semi hollow guitars, ukuleles and acoustic guitars, as it is particularly effective on acoustic guitar wood. The Humitar, HumiReader and Humid-i-Bar are all excellent products that help to care for your instrument. The MusicNomad Hygrometer is a very good way to monitor a dry environment so you can act accordingly. Many of their products feature a sponge that holds 10x its weight in water. If you value your instrument and want to do what you can to prevent the wood suffering from warp, shrink and worse, then MusicNomad Humidifiers are an excellent way to do exactly this.

Why Should I Choose a MusicNomad Humidifier?

  • Helps to keep your guitar playing and looking its best
  • Can help to prevent damage due to lack of moisture
  • Hygrometers are a great way to monitor humidity levels 

Frequently Asked Questions about MusicNomad Humidifiers

Question: Why do I need a MusicNomad humidifier?
Since guitar woods can be affected by changes in humidity, a MusicNomad humidifier can help to alleviate this problem and keep your instrument at its best.
Question: Are MusicNomad humidifiers any good?
Yes, MusicNomad humidifiers are an excellent way to keep your guitar looking and playing at its best.