Women Who Rock: IWD

Published on 06 March 2020

Happy International Women's Day, Rockers! 

We'd like to recognise the awesome, strong,  powerful woman and game-changers in what's unfortunately still a very male-dominated industry. Here's a rundown of a few  of our favourite female guitarists, musicians and songwriters.

We'd also like to say thank you to the outstanding contribution of the ladies of guitarguitar. We appreciate you all - whether you're in stores or behind the scenes, we hope you all keep on changing the game.

Lari Basilio 

With her instantly recognaisable style of playing, Brazillian Lari Basilio is one of our favourites here at guitarguitar. We see plenty of players who can melt faces with their lightning-fast licks, but it's rarer to find a guitarist who has the ability to turn that into something soulful, melodic and utterly stunning. Lari is the queen of this, laying down seemingly endless emotive runs which are nothing short of mind-blowingly fantastic. 


Melanie Faye

After finding her love for the instrument playing "Guitar Hero", 21 year old Melanie Faye has ditched her Xbox controller and has become a real life Guitar Hero in her own right. Her distinctive neo-soul style is utterly mesmerising to watch. 


Brittany Howard 

Front woman, lead vocalist and guitars of the Alabama Shakes, and now stepping out with her own solo material, Brittany Howard's stage presence is unbeatable. Her artistic expression, emotive lyrics and fearless swagger is utterly inspiring. What a BOSS! 


Julien Baken 

Julien Baker's heart-rendering songs are as captivating as they are painful. Julien's songs document the hope and despair in all its minutiae, complete with quietly innovative looping techniques and a sense of stark honesty that has won her an increasingly devoted fanbase. We were lucky enough to chat to Julien in late 2018, you can read that interview here!




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