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Published on 02 November 2021

The guitar world is changing. When we were growing up, huge backlines could be seen at every gig and recording studios were jam packed with amps. However, the digital modelling revolution is well and truly underway, much to the delight of roadies everywhere! While guitarists were initially sceptical about digital recreations of their favourite rigs, the tech has evolved into something so impressive that at this stage it's undeniable. There are loads of options now too, from Line 6's acclaimed Helix range, to Headrush, Kemper and more traditional looking modelling amps like the BOSS Katana models and Fender Tone Master range. Now, while this makes it a fantastic time to be a guitarist, we totally understand that taking your first step into a digital setup can be daunting and even confusing for a lot of guitarists.

We want to help with that.

Details & How to Book

From 08/11/21 - 14/11/21, we are going to school you rockers in the next generation of guitar with Modelling Masterclasses in all of our stores. We'll demystify the range of gear available and let you hear how it all compares, giving you a hands on walkthrough of the most popular options on the market. We can also let you hear how this tech sounds compared to more traditional setups. That's not all though, if you have gear at home, for example a Helix, and you want to learn how to get the most out of it, book your space and bring it along. These sessions are free with limited spaces available - so contact your local guitarguitar ASAP to make sure yours is secured. 

Contact your local store to book your free space now:

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