Guitars At The BRIT Awards 2022

Published on 12 February 2022

The BRIT awards see the coming together of some of the most popular artists both at home and internationally. The night hosts an array of awards for a vast scope of genres. Some of the performances between the awards have been known to go down as iconic. Every year we find ourselves glued to the screen to see who has brought an axe with them for their performance. We were more than pleasantly surprised to see a huge range of guitar talent at this year's event. So we thought we would take a look at some of the guitars that popped up throughout the night.

This is our quick guide to the guitars at The BRIT Awards 2022.

Ed Sheeran's PRS 

Hurtling us into the start of this venture is Ed Sheeran with his rock rendition of Bad Habits. With Bring Me the Horizon backing him up, the performance was a colossal way to start the show. Wrapped around his neck was a rather tasty PRS Hollowbody II. The unique flame and fade on this instrument made it one of the stand out guitars of the night.

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Sam Fender's Jazzmaster

Next up is Sam Fender. His 2021 album Seventeen Going Under truly flies the flag for guitar today. The album's success helped him bag the best Alternative/Rock Act award. He has promised the award to his local pub so they can turn it into a beer tap. If there was an award for best use of an award, this would be it.  

Sam is a huge advocate for the Fender Jazzmaster, so it was no surprise to see him wearing one to the Brits this year. He chose to perform the title track off of his newest album, and it received plenty of Jazzmaster love, with his rhythm guitarists also sporting one.  

If you are really digging Sam Fenders guitar, take a look at the Fender American Pro II in Mystic Surf Green.

Ed Sheeran's Lowden

Was anyone else on the edge of their seat trying to make out if Ed would be playing a Martin or Lowden?  

Sure enough. Ed Sheeran's recent collaboration with Lowden saw him through his heartfelt performance of The Joker and the Queen.  

You're crying, not me….

Of course, if you seek a little Ed Sheeran in your life, you need to check out Sheeran by Lowden.

Dave's Gibson Les Paul

Get your marshmallows ready for this one! I am sure anyone watching the awards this year wasn't expecting this from Dave. Taking home the award for Hop/Grime/Rap Act, it was more than a bit of a surprise when guitars started entering the stage from every side. Even more surprising was when they began shooting flames! Yes, he turned his Gibson Les Paul into a flamethrower! What a way to end the night!

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