Studio 666 & The Best Rock & Roll Cameos in Film & TV

Published on 23 February 2022

This month sees the imminent release of the Foo Fighters new movie Studio 666, which follows the band as they take up residence in a particularly spooky LA mansion to record their 10th album. Of course, this isn’t any usual recording session, with some truly spine-tingling and gruesome surprises in store for the band.

Of course, the Foo’s aren’t the first band to feature on the silver screen!

That got us thinking…

What are some of the best cameos of rock stars in film & TV?



Eddie Van Halen - Two and a Half Men 

Kicking things off in style with the shred king himself, EVH showed up in a 2009 episode of Two & a Half Men where he and Charlie Sheen have an interaction and of course, our man Eddie manages to squeeze in a blistering lick. We're sure his “2 burritos & a root beer float” could have fit nicely alongside any of his other iconic lines.

Flea - Back to the Future 3 

Pulling up blasting some Huey Lewis to harass Marty McFly, we have the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' slap master Flea showing up as the character “Needles”. Of course, this wasn’t his only appearance in the franchise, as he took up the role of an older Needles in Back II the Future, but we couldn’t not talk about his appearance in 3! Who wouldn’t take up the challenge of a drag race when Flea calls you chicken?

Keith Richards - Pirates of the Caribbean 

When Johnny Depp said that his inspiration for Captain Jack Sparrow was part Keith Richards, everyone who is familiar with the Stones’ man could instantly see it. Having said that, we were still surprised to see the real Keef turn up as Jack Sparrow’s very own dad in one of the many Pirates sequels. Safe to say that when these two are sharing a screen together, the inspiration doesn't fall far from the tree.

David Bowie - Zoolander

The Thin White Duke has had a few leading roles in the past, but personally, we feel his cameos always leave the biggest impression. His performance in Zoolander is a particular highlight…who wouldn’t want Bowie holding the law and judging your 1 on 1 catwalk challenge? No one, that's who. BLUE STEEL!

Prince - New Girl

This scene is based on several key witness reports of what happened to them when they met the Purple we have proof? No. Is it true? More than likely.

Bruce Springsteen - High Fidelity 

If you were going through some relationship issues, who would you turn to? Your parents? Your best friend? Bruce Springsteen? Well, John Cusack does! Turning up as the conscience to our main character, The Boss gives some sound advice, complete with his famous Blonde Tele and Noo Yoik charm. Certainly better than Jiminy Cricket in our books!

The Ramones - The Simpsons

Best Happy Birthday rendition ever? We think so! 

Alice Cooper - Wayne's World

For those expecting some hard hitting, debaucherous back stage antics from Alice and his better sit back and listen to these big facts about Milwaukee. For the master of shock horror, this persona doesn't come as shock as Alice lives a life a little different from a "traditional" rock star, more a fan of 18 holes on the golf course than long nights on Sunset Strip.

Steve Vai - Crossroads

Hands up who wanted to learn guitar after seeing this scene! The blistering guitar duel between Ralph Macchio and Vai goes down in rock history as one of the coolest scenes. Fun fact: the guitar used to record all the parts was Vai's "Green Meanie" which was rereleased by Charvel very recently. 

Check out our recent interview with Steve Vai HERE

Mark Knopfler, Lemmy , David Gilmour & Gary Moore - French & Saunders

The most back to back star studded line up on this list for sure, we have this hilarious sketch involving all 4 guitarists giving a testimonial againt a guitar book author.  


Was there any we missed out? Who is your favourite rock and roll cameo in film and TV?

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