7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Guitarists

Published on 01 February 2023

14th February is fast approaching and as always, you find yourself struggling to find something for your other half? We’re here to save the date! 

If they have a guitar-shaped heart, we may just have some suggestions for you. And let’s be honest, these are the gifts that we are hoping to get ourselves so it’s as genuine as it gets!

Gift Card

Safe, simple and effective: one can’t go wrong with a Gift Card! Available in physical or digital form, you can add any value you wish onto them. And good news is our guitarguitar Gift Cards are now valid for 2 years and can be spent either online or in store!


A true guitar aficionado will probably already have everything they need, right? Well, yes and no! Accessories is where it's all at. Strings get used up and they are always needed, same goes for plectrums (have you checked out those fancy tins they come in now? Get one with their favourite band!), straps are like T-shirts, one can never have too many! Do they need a new hard case or gig bag? There's plenty options for their traveling needs. Or perhaps they want to get into more techy stuff with their instrument, then why not present them with some workstation tools or maintenance products? The list goes on and on… but if you’re truly perplexed, why not grab one of our pre-made Gift Sets!

Band Merch

This idea never fails so if you’re backed against the wall and the clock is ticking, their favourite band merch is just an order away! Truth be told, one can never have too many T-shirts, coffee mugs or hoodies. Or if you know they have a vinyl collection, sneak in and browse through it, check what album is missing and Bob’s your uncle!


So they love home decor? No problem. Most bands and guitar brands offer a fantastic selection of lifestyle items, like clocks, calendars, coffee table books, framed prints, phone cases… you name it. Oh but you were thinking more of a furniture side of things? Gotcha. Bar stools look amazing and if you’re both happy with bringing that rock&roll vibe home, you can add a tour flight case and make it your table or reach for the (rock)stars and throw in a Marshall fridge!

Concert ticket / Game

Whether you’re into the same music or not, concert tickets are a great way to not only show you care about each other’s hobbies but are also a fantastic way to spend your free time together. Check out their favourite band’s social media or official website for current tour dates and book the show before it sells out! 

Are they more of an introvert? We hear you. A live show may sometimes be too crowded and stressful for some folk but luckily there is an alternative! Gaming and toys. Yes. We all love games. Get that latest Guitar Hero, guitar Lego set, a miniature guitar figurine or one of those cute Pop! dolls of their favourite guitarist. Voila!

A New Guitar

Obviously. We had to. This is the dream and while many may think it’s ridiculous to go this far we have seen this happen many times! You see you don’t have to reach for a Custom Shop pearl (but if you can, we won’t stop you!). There’s a huge amount of guitar models that you can gift your beloved with, with prices starting at as little as £99!

A Trip To A Guitar Store

If you’re feeling brave, why not take your spouse to a guitar store? Let them browse, let them lose themselves in their paradise, let them pick something… (Warning! You may want to extend your budget if you do so… it can become a little bit like a kid in a candy store situation. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!).

P.s. We have 7 stores in the UK, just pick your location!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope we’ve covered enough ideas in this guide and got you lot inspired! 

We’re wishing you all a very rockin’ Valentine’s Day!


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