Orange Bass Amps

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Orange Bass Amps

Orange bass amps are one of the best parts of the esteemed brand. Orange use the same distinctive orange, black and white livery for their bass amps as they do for their famous guitar amps.

Orange bass amps are available as combos in a variety of sizes and as a series of heads and cabinets. These include the popular 'lunchbox' sized Terror Bass and bass models in the Crush series. Certain Orange amp heads are designed to be able to fit into a rack unit too, good news for touring bassists. Orange make their bass amps with both tube and solid-state technology to cater for a wide range of bass guitar player preferences.

At guitarguitar, we are big fans of Orange bass amps. Come and play one in a soundproof booth at your nearest store or choose from our entire selection online.

Why Should I Choose an Orange Bass Amp?

  • Huge Sound
  • Reliable
  • Great Tone
  • Range of Options

Frequently Asked Questions about Orange Bass Amps

Question: Are Orange bass amps any good?
Yes. Orange Bass Amps are very good. Orange Bass Amps are renowned for their massive sound, eye-catching looks and great tone.
Question: Which famous bassists choose to play through Orange amps?
Orange amps are used by some of the best bassists in the business. This includes Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and John McVie (Fleetwood Mac).
Question: Is the Terror Bass head loud enough to gig with?
In a word, yes! The Orange Terror Bass head is 500 watts! It's extremely loud! Gigging will not be a problem.
Question: What speaker cabinet do Orange make for their Terror Bass head?
Orange make a range of bass cabs, all of which are suitable for the Terror Bass head! You can run 4 or 8 ohms, giving 500 and 250w respectively. We recommend the Orange OBC112 cab for this head: it's small but immensely powerful.
Question: I'm looking for an all-valve bass head. What do you recommend from Orange?
We recommend checking out the Orange AD200B Mk3 head. It's really simple, has 200 watts of power and is all-valve! Also, it sounds spectacular!