Ozark Banjos

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About Ozark Banjos

Ozark banjos are an affordable entry into this charismatic instrument!
Ozark, named after the long mountain range that stretches from the Midwest to the American South, takes their inspiration from this region's traditional music. The ‘mountain music’ genres of the Ozarks - country, folk and bluegrass - are the speciality of Ozark banjos. These high-quality banjos are designed to bring you authentic looks, sounds and the feel of true mountain instruments.
The Ozark banjos range includes classic closed- and open-backed 5-strings. Other speciality variations such as tenor banjos, ukulele banjos and guitar banjos are also available. They all have proper demo drum heads for that instantly recognisable percussive sound!
Installing pickups in banjos is a tricky business. Luckily, Ozark have a selection of electro-acoustic banjos, bringing the warm natural tone of these instruments to the stage.

What Makes Ozark Banjos Different?

  • Authentic looks and sounds
  • Wide range of banjo models
  • Electro-acoustic models available

Frequently Asked Questions about Ozark Banjos

Question: Are Ozark banjos any good?
Ozark banjos are excellent entry and intermediate level instruments. They have all the percussive character and playability that makes a great Banjo. They are solidly constructed and stay in tune well.
Question: Where are Ozark banjos made?
Nowadays, Ozark banjos are made in China. Older models were made in Japan.