Ozark Banjos

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About Ozark Banjos

Ozark banjos are a range of quality instruments styled authentically for rootsy folk and country playing. They are available in 4 string, 5 string and 6 string variants with a wide range of styles on offer including open back models, tenor banjos and banjo guitars.

Ozark use traditional materials and building techniques to ensure that their instruments sound, look and play correctly to their heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ozark Banjos

Question: What is a banjo guitar?
A banjo guitar is a six string banjo with a shorter neck. It is tuned in the same intervals as a guitar and the benefit there is that guitarists can instantly pick it up and play using their existing repertoire of guitar techniques - no additional learning stage required!
Question: Do Ozark use actual drum heads in the construction of their banjos?
Yes, that's a normal part of banjo construction. The drum head helps to add a literally percussive element to the sound. Most Ozark models utilize high quality Remo drum heads.