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About PJD Guitars

PJD guitars are based in York in the UK, and in recent years have been producing some exceptional quality electric guitars. PJD Guitars started in 2010 by Leigh Dovey, operating in a small workshop inherited by his late father to whom the PJD name is dedicated. Honing his craft over the years Leigh was able to move to a bigger workshop in York, England where he and PJD have worked hard to produce incredible quality guitars and making British hand made guitars accessible for serious players.

Here at guitarguitar we are proud to stock a good selection of some of PJD's most successful models such as the Carey and St. John which can be viewed in store or online.

Why Should I Choose a PJD Guitar?

  • Hand built in the UK
  • Fresh designs that combine classic with modern
  • High quality hardware

Frequently Asked Questions about PJD Guitars

Question: Are PJD electric guitars any good?
Yes, PJD guitars are exceptionally made in the UK with high quality parts and stunning wood choices so they sound as good as they look.
Question: Where are PJD electric guitars made?
PJD electric guitars are hand made in England.