Roland TD-11K Electronic V-Drum Kit

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Roland, pioneers of the digital drum kit, blaze the trail for realism, feel and sound with their all-encompassing V-Drum range. From their entry-level bedroom models to their top o... read more

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Product Overview

Manufacturer's ID: TD11K

What we say:

Roland, pioneers of the digital drum kit, blaze the trail for realism, feel and sound with their all-encompassing V-Drum range. From their entry-level bedroom models to their top of the range professional touring kits, Roland stuff their V-Drums with supremely high quality sampling and modelling technology, uber-heavy duty components and the usual Roland reliability. It’s no surprise then that Roland are the world’s best-selling drum manufacturer, digital AND analogue! Wherever you are in your journey as a drummer, sit behind a V-Drum kit and experience the difference.

The TD-11K kit is where the V-Drum range crosses into being for the gigging pro. The module contains a great range of SuperNATURAL kits for unparalleled realism in the drum sounds. The snare has a mesh head for a completely realistic feel and proper rebound. This makes a specific difference to the playing experience so it's a welcome addition here.

The kit itself is eminently portable: drummers looking to gig with this will find it easy to set up and take down and it of course takes up very little space in the van! More and more drummers are choosing V-Drum kits like this because the experience of playing them is rewarding as well as practical. The TD-11K is one of our most popular kits because it hits that golden price point whilst still giving you a professional sound and feel.


Bass drum pedal not included

Bass drum pedal not included with this kit. A selection of single and double bass drum pedals can be found here.

  • Compact V-Drums kit available with mesh snare and a choice of rubber (TD-11K) or all-mesh (TD-11KV) tom pads
  • SuperNATURAL Sound Engine - 'behaviour modelling' for accurate, authentic reaction and the most true-to-life V-Drums ever created
  • 50 fully-customisable drum kits on board with 196 internal instruments to select from and tune/edit
  • Song player - play along to internal songs, play to your own tracks using the USB song player or connect an external device
  • Coach Mode - improve your timing and accuracy and get instant feedback on your progress
The TD-11K provides levels of playability not seen before at this level, allowing you to play your riffs by everyone from Bonham to Cobham with realistic, expressive sounds. You become the drummer, with backing tracks from audio stored on a USB memory stick or the newly added internal audio backings. Slow down the accompaniment if you wish to take your time learning the part, without losing pitch.

You can even record your own performance to a USB memory stick, via a USB cable to your computer, or even via the optional WNA-1100RL wireless adaptor to a compatible iOS device!

Once you are connected, why not download Friend Jam, a free app for Roland V-Drums users. With studio recorded audio backing tracks covering everything from Jazz Fusion to Rock or Metal, you can play along, smashing it up, challenging yourself to a better performance each time you rock out! With its leaderboard, you can score yourself against the performances of other users around the world and can even upload your scores to Twitter! Challenge your friends, motivate each other, and see how quickly you improve your skills!

The on-board coach function makes practice more rewarding and fun. It offers different exercises to help improve your timing and stamina, or can be used simply to warm up before you get into the serious stuff.

Do you have additional drum sounds on your computer, but hate trying to step-program or finger drum on a tiny controller keyboard? A simple USB connection from the TD-11K can also provide the midi data needed for your computer to trigger these sounds with a realistic playing experience. Sorted accurate triggering means you’ll never miss a beat! It’s the fastest and easiest way to get your beats recorded into your own compositions!


Mesh-Head V-Pad for Snare
The PDX-8 mesh V-Pad for snare features Roland's amazing dual-triggering technology, resulting in accurate and even sensing between the head and rim. It offers an expanded 10" rim for more comfortable and quiet rim-shots. For toms, the PD-8A durable 8.5" rubber pad also offers super-accurate triggering and a time-tested design for years of reliable use.

Compact and Practical Hi-Hat Combination
The CY-5 cymbal pad for hi-hat features a 10" playing zone and natural swing movement. It also provides separate bow and edge triggering. With the FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, drummers can get realistic hi-hat sounds with smooth transitions between open and closed positions.

Natural-Feel Kick Pad
With new mechanics and a cloth-designed bass drum head, the KD-9 provides great feel, dynamic response, accurate triggering and solid playability even with using a double pedal. It’s also easy and quick to set up. * Kick Pedal not included

Custom Stand for V-Compact V-Drums
Designed for the V-Compact series, the MDS-4V is the most space-efficient drum stand from Roland. In addition to its stylish and compact footprint, the MDS-4V features a metal centre-horizontal joint bar for improved stability and solidness during frequent set-ups and tear-downs. The lower weight-balance and black-tone provide stability and visual cleanliness.


  • Kit Configuration
    • Drum Sound Module: TD-11 x 1
    • V-Pad (Snare): PDX-8 x 1
    • Pad (Tom1, Tom2, Tom3): PD-8A x 3 * The PD-8A is a new unit dedicated to the TD-11K. It does not support the use of the rim-shot technique.
    • Cymbal Pad: CY-8 x 2
    • Cymbal Pad: CY-5 x 1
    • Kick Pad: KD-9 x 1
    • Hi-Hat Controller: FD-8×1
  • Other
    • Extra Trigger Input Jack: 1 (CRASH2)
    • Accessory: Setup Guide
  • Size and Weight
    • Width: 1200 mm, 47-1/4 inches
    • Depth: 1100 mm, 43-5/16 inches
    • Height: 1250 mm, 49-1/4 inches
    • Weight: 21.5 kg, 47 lbs. 7 oz. (* Weight including MDS-4V Stand)