Fender Jimi Hendrix Strat MN Olympic White

Includes Gig Bag

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Overall Rating 5 (6 reviews)

The guitar plays really well and it was well worth the wait all these years

Adam G. - 8/6/2020

Love playing this guitar, perfect sound quality and the guitar itself is well made and can?t complain at all for the price. The only issue I didn?t like was the stickers that Fender put on the guitar... they leave a sticky residue after peeling off which surely can be resolved easy with some stickers that don?t do this.

Jamie P. - 22/1/2020

Not generally a Fender player, they all look basically the same regardless of place of manufacture, this particular model has a more individual look and I'm delighted with it.

Nigel P. - 13/12/2018

Great item, very unique A+

Anne M. - 29/10/2018

Comfortable, easy to play great sounding guitar. The fender 65 pickups are well suited to many styles from the obvious classic rock and blues to punk, new wave and alternative rock ( sonic youth, pearl jam, and r.h.c.p in my case).

Rich C. - 12/6/2018

Change the strings to the custom set that Jimi used - sit back - close you eyes and travel back in time - if you want more authenticity change the 5 way switch for a 3 way.

Kevin B. - 15/5/2018

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