Vox Adio Air GT Combo Practice Amp

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Overall Rating 4.8/5 (18 reviews)

Andrew P. - 23/10/2020

frankie j. - 30/9/2020

Does everything I want it to. and it's meaning that I play guitar way more!

Kirsty M. - 9/9/2020

It does sound quite good for a little amp and is extremely loud when plugging into AC rather than batteries. The initial modelling settings saved offer a decent variety of tones and it is relatively easy to change to your liking. My only gripe is batteries last only about 4-5 hours in even when they are high quality batteries so most of the time it has been spent powered through the supply provided As of this I think next time I'll get a portable amp with an integrated battery meaning I don't have a to change the batteries every few days.

Connor . - 5/7/2020

Superb sound and quality.

Richard H. - 4/6/2020

Great as always, many thanks

Dr J. - 26/5/2020

Brilliant desktop amp everyone needs one

Christer M. - 21/5/2020

I bought this after watching a number of reviews. I wanted something compact, with lots of features, a good sound, and wouldnt annoy the neighbours. The Vox Adio ticks all the boxes. A wide range of authentic amp variations, a decent range of effects. The Chorus, Delay and Reverbs are particularly good. Bluetooth is easy to use. As is the memory facility which allows up to 8 custom sounds to be saved. The Vox tone app is easily downloaded and takes no time to learn to use. I was going to give it 5 stars but knocked one off because the marketing claims its 50w, which it definitely isnt. I didnt buy it for volume but this could mislead some people. In short, i love this wee amp, very impressed with it

James S. - 13/5/2020

Jed F. - 3/5/2020

Kevin L. - 25/4/2020

Nigel W. - 29/2/2020

Great practice amp which I can take away with me when I travel Love the blue tooth capability so I can play backing tracks to practice

Michael W. - 31/1/2020

If you're tired of playing with headphones but can't have a hi volume, this small digital amp is perfect for you. Not very happy about the tremolo effect, but I can survive.

Giovanni O. - 27/3/2019

Got this for playing at low volumes. Great selection of sounds further enhanced by the sofware provided.

David H. - 15/3/2019

Sounds great. Wider range of tones than the THR10. Additional amp models available via the bluetooth app are just as good as the ones from the amp controls directly (not some dodgy second best ones). Remote control of the amp via app is terrific too as means the amp can sit out of the way on a shelf or wherever without being a hassle to control. Bluetooth streaming is great for playing along to backing or following online tutorials via phone. I guess most people will compare this to the THR10. Aside from extra features described above I'd also say it has the edge on tone. Just slightly punchier and better defined overall. Having 4 different clean channels also means it is a bit like having both the THR10 and THR10C.

Ivan P. - 21/2/2019

Nice amp for practice, not for gigging

Dermot K. - 6/2/2019

Great little speaker for home practice.

Robert G. - 18/12/2018

I love it. It has many different sounds and does the job of what I need (a small, practise amp for bedroom/uni halls use) brilliant. Couldn?t ask for a better one. It can get loud but not too loud and can be toned down to lower volumes. The only downside is the price, however it is more than worth the money and if you?re looking for a small, home/bedroom practise amp, look no further this is your perfect amp.

Owain K. - 19/6/2018

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