Gibson Les Paul Faded 2018 Worn Bourbon

Includes Gig Bag

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Overall Rating 5 (7 reviews)

Excellent guitar, service and delivery

David C. - 26/9/2019

I always played strats. American standards and then super strats ESP and Jackson?s with active pickups. I would sometimes play a Gibson and think they sound really good but the shorter scale would not be for me.I saw this bargain and bought it. Once I got use to it (weedy strings on it 10s and slightly different action) and lightened my touch it sounds awesome. This is a real Gibson,with real Gibson pickups and Gibson quality without the silly expensive binding.Easy to play and brilliant sounding. I am glad I bought it(might leave 10s on it now).

michael l. - 22/9/2019

Just as I expect from Gibson. Affordable quality with that magic name in the headstock.

victor p. - 21/8/2019

Vince R. - 25/7/2019

Wonderful guitar at a brilliant price

Roy J. - 27/6/2019

The make that is effectively known as one of the top of the range; and this is proven by the product; this guitar is a real gem. Truly made well and sounds and plays well.

David L. - 15/5/2019

Just Amazing

Peter T. - 26/2/2018

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