Marshall DSL40CR 40W 1x12 Combo

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Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.8/5 (8 reviews)

Delicious tone, and potential volume far in excess of anything I could get remotely close to without standing in an airfield!

Benjamin H. - 28/7/2021

Great sounding amp. Always been a fan of the dsl range. It's heavy but sounds quality with my gibson les paul.

simon k. - 2/2/2021

Excellent amp, sounds fantastic and looks great too!

Robert M. - 1/12/2020

Karl W. - 3/11/2020

The best combo I've ever owned. The sounds are what you would expect from Marshall. The clean tone was particularly impressive, you would normally expect a great clean tone with Fender. Great one.

Chris r. - 12/1/2020

Excellent amp delivered in pristine condition

David S. - 5/12/2019

Johnny R. - 25/7/2019

It dose as exspected & more. Very versitile with so many tone variations. You just need to sit down, take your time & work with the various chanels & the tone stack. Was very surprised at how this also takes pedals, but even more amazed at what this can do at low volume levels. It punches way above its weight/price.

Matthew D. - 18/2/2019

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