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PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 Signature Head

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What we say:

Mark Tremonti has proved through example how well he can dial in killer tones. From his early days with Creed through to his enduring rock/metal days with Alter Bridge and indeed his solo work, Mark’s tones have always been exceptional. His clean sounds sparkle and his crunch tones are monstrous! Mark brings all of this taste and experience to his new signature amp, a collaboration with PRS.

The MT15 is a compact, low wattage head with two channels. Even though the emphasis is on hard rock, there is a lot of versatile tones on here to use and enjoy. This is a true valve amp and is powered by mighty 6L6 tubes with 6 12AX7 preamp tubes.

Each channel has its own EQ section so you don’t have to compromise one channel’s EQ for the benefit of the other. The clean channel lets you dial in the perfect EQ curve and enjoy a sweet and clear tone that stays that way as the volume increases. A pull function on the Treble knob lets you boost the signal to coax it into natural overdrive, a handy and tasteful feature for Blues and other roots-genre players.

The drive channel has a whopping five gain stages, all before the Master so you can dial in the exact amount of desired distortion at any volume. This thing has a lot of gain! Modern crunch and metal tones are a breeze on this amp but so are 70s rock sounds and 90s grunge tones.

Riffs and leads fire out of this with real conviction: we can see this being a very popular studio/recording amp because the sounds are spectacular across the board. Quieter rehearsals will be possible too and there’s a power switch to bring the 15w down to 7 for not only less power but a different feel and response.

This awesome package is completed with an FX loop on the back as well as bias controls for the amp’s tubes. Fans of rock and metal will not be disappointed by the MT15.


The MT 15’s design started with heavier players in mind, but in the end, it has a lot to offer players of all genres. Like the PRS Archon amplifier, the MT 15 features five gain stages before the Master for full, lush distortion. The gain channel gets big, chunky tone with massive, tight low end, never losing its articulate note definition or great lead tone. The clean channel is bright and chimey, good with chords and fingerstyle playing – whether with a pick or not. The clean channel also features a push/pull boost control that adds a little overdrive for old school crunch. No matter what tone you dial in, the MT 15 stays balanced across the spectrum with a sweet, smooth tone that won’t bite your head off.

Additional features include an effects loop and bias adjusters that are accessible from the back panel for ease of servicing. Despite its 15 watts, the MT 15 sounds more like 50, so a half power switch that takes the MT to 7 watts is a welcome edition. Bottom line, the amount of features, the hugeness of the sound, and the raw horsepower of the circuit make the MT 15 an impressive lunchbox hero.

The MT 15 is Mark Tremonti’s first signature amplifier.

  • Wattage (nominal) 15W/7W (Switchable)

Front Panel Controls

  • Gain Channel Gain, Master, Treble, Middle, Bass
  • Clean Channel Volume, Treble (with pull Boost), Middle, Bass
  • Global Presence, Channel Switch Toggle, Standby, Power

Back Panel Features

  • Inlet Fused Power Inlet (IEC)
  • Effects Loop
  • Loop Return
  • Loop Send
  • Bias Fixed Bias
  • Adjustable (bias jacks accessible from back panel)
  • Extension Speaker Jacks
  • 3 Ohm Selections 8 (x2, Parallel), 16 (x1) Ohms


  • Power Tubes 2x 6L6GCMS
  • Preamp Tubes 6x JJ EC83S

Measurements (nominal)

  • Amp Width 14”
  • Amp Depth 8”
  • Amp Height 7.25” (with feet)
  • Amp Weight 17.8 lbs


  • 1-Button Footswitch (Channel Gain/Clean)
  • Amp Cover

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Top service, fast delivery. Recommend.

Gary K. - 11/6/2019