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Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Tobacco Burst

Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Tobacco Burst

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Great guitar, love the tone, love the look. A true Axe!

Jamie M. - 27/10/2021

Wow. Just wow. I wasn't intending to buy one of these, I really wasn't. I very much approved of Gibson's move to this approach to the "standard range". But I already have several Les Pauls so I wasn't intending to add to them. Various things came together ending up with this model (50s Tobacco Burst) being in stock when I looked at it and the funds being available. When we opened the case here we went WOW! When I played it we went WOW! I've had it over a week now, I've managed to find time to play it every day. Every time I think WOW! The fit and finish are fabulous - best of my Les Pauls. The 50s neck is exactly what I wanted. I wasn't too sure about the Burstbuckers (I do tend to swap out pickups), but the latest pickup height experiments seem to have put me into "might actually keep these ones in". I much prefer them to 57 Classics which I hang to for a while but always end up replacing. All in all - wow, this guitar is even better than I was imagining when they first came out like this.

Andrew R. - 13/10/2021

William W. - 29/8/2021

William W. - 29/8/2021

The guitar I have wanted for years. It?s as good as I hoped. Love it?s look and it?s sound. So playable.

Anthony K. - 31/5/2021

Delivered in very good robust packaging, the hard case is a thing of beauty itself, let alone the Les Paul? I have always wanted one and now I have it.

Kevin G. - 30/4/2021

Beautiful guitar... the tobacco burst is more subtle and tasteful than I had expected. The guitar plays like a dream and rewards even a poor player like myself, sounds absolutely amazing!

Charles F. - 19/4/2021

Been many years playing and always wanted a Les Paul. One word - thrilled!

Mike G. - 18/2/2021

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