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Manufacturer's ID: KTN-50MKII

The Evolution of a Modern Classic. Katana MkII takes the acclaimed Katana guitar amp series to the next level, turbocharging the core platform with more sounds, more effects, and more features. Newly voiced variations are now available for all five amp characters, doubling the tonal options. And the onboard effects categories have been expanded from three to five, providing even more real-time processing to choose from. The usability has been ramped up too, with a power amp input for modelers and multi-FX, updated editor software, and many other enhancements.


More Sounds, More Versatility

The stage-class Katana MkII lineup picks up where the first generation left off, building on the same core tones and features that have made the series such a worldwide smash. If you loved the original Katana amps, you’ll love Katana MkII even more. And if you’re new to the party, get ready for sound, feel, and versatility that soars far beyond its price class.

Five Amp Characters, Ten Overall Tones

Katana MkII’s five primary amp characters offer everything from organic vintage tones to modern high-gain sounds, plus a dedicated voice optimized for acoustic-electric guitar. The characters have now been extended with newly voiced variations, providing a wider palette of tone options to craft your personal sound.

Five Effects at Once

Katana MkII now includes five simultaneous effects categories, putting the tone-shaping power of a massive pedalboard right inside your amp. Independent Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb sections come loaded from the factory with three variations in each, providing 15 ready-to-play effects to choose from. Connecting to BOSS Tone Studio lets you dive much deeper if you want—customize the sections with over 60 different effect types, change the order with four different chains, and much more.

Full-Throttle Sound Every Time You Plug In

Backed by BOSS’s Tube Logic approach, Katana MkII delivers the authentic output distortion characteristics of genuine tube amplifiers, with the sound and feel becoming richer and more responsive as you turn up the volume. But unlike that classic tube amp, Katana MkII’s variable Power Control makes it easy to fly in the sweet spot without getting fired from the gig or kicked out of the house. Just throttle back the overall volume as needed to enjoy inspiring, cranked-amp sound anywhere you play, from bedroom to stage.

Amplify Your External Gear

The Katana-50 MkII rocks as a standalone amp, but it also excels as a powered cabinet for a favorite preamp, modeler, or multi-effects unit. Connecting to the rear-panel Power Amp In jack bypasses Katana MkII’s preamp and effects, letting you tap straight into the Tube Logic power section, complete with grab-and-go Power Control. And with BOSS Tone Studio, the input can be easily optimized for your particular gear with a high-pass filter and adjustable gain.

One-Touch Recall of Custom Setups

One of the Katana-50 MkII’s most powerful features is the ability to store favorite amp character and effects setups in Tone Setting memories for instant recall. After you’ve dialed in a sound with the panel controls, simply save it to the desired memory with a quick button hold. Four Tone Settings (two banks of two) are available, with fast selection right from the panel. It’s also possible to connect external footswitches for hands-free control on the gig.

Ready-to-Mix Direct Tones

The Katana-50 MkII features USB and phones/recording outputs with mic’d cabinet emulation, letting you send mix-ready amp tones to a computer DAW or headphones. The direct sound can be shaped with three different Air Feel settings, which are accessible from BOSS Tone Studio. Two-channel USB operation is supported, allowing you to track in true stereo with many of Katana’s modulation, EQ, delay, and reverb effects.

BOSS Tone Studio Enhancements

BOSS Tone Studio has also evolved alongside the Katana MkII amplifiers. The interface has been updated with a refreshed look, and a number of parameters have been consolidated into the main screen for faster workflow. There’s also a dedicated Pedal FX category, making it easier to assign wah and pedal bend effects to a connected expression pedal. And if you’re a first-gen Katana owner, it’s possible to import your custom patches and use them all with Katana MkII.

Katana-50 MkII Main Features

  • Stage-ready 50-watt combo amp with a custom 12-inch speaker
  • Tube Logic design approach produces class-defying power, authoritative punch, and cutting presence
  • Five unique amp characters (Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown, and Acoustic), plus newly voiced variations for each
  • Five independent effects sections (Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb), with three selectable variations in each
  • Dedicated Pedal FX for foot-controlled wah and pedal bend
  • Updated BOSS Tone Studio software for customizing your sound with over 60 different BOSS effects, channel and global EQs, adjustable routing, and much more
  • Power Amp In for preamps, modelers, and multi-effects
  • Four Tone Setting memories for storing and recalling all amp and effect settings
  • Power Control for achieving cranked-amp tone and response at low volumes
  • Three Cab Resonance options (Vintage, Modern, and Deep), selectable in BOSS Tone Studio
  • Mic’d cabinet emulation on the USB and phones/recording outputs, with three Air Feel settings available in BOSS Tone Studio
  • Rear-panel connections for up to two footswitches or an expression pedal
  • Pro setups available at BOSS Tone Central

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 5 (77 reviews)

Very good practice amp. Deserves its reputation. Albe to achieve the tones I require at a modest volume.

Simon L. - 31/3/2021

Still getting accustomed to this amp, so far very impressed with quality of build and sound.

GARY W. - 27/3/2021

Just what I needed, looked around, did a bit of research and this was the one for me! Brilliant piece of kit.

Peter R. - 23/2/2021

Perfect item Super fast delivery

ronny s. - 15/2/2021

Very versatile amp. Sounds great both quiet or loud. Easy to use with pre-set sounds and settings on the cabinet. Massive scope for different sounds with computer downloads.

Phil W. - 14/2/2021

Richard N. - 11/2/2021

Excellent service & price would definitely use again.

Mr C. - 8/2/2021

Great quality and in my opinion its by far the best amp at this price range. The tone options and versatility of this amp is unmatched. Perfect for home use and small gigs.

tom . - 6/2/2021

Excellent!! Great Amp! And great service!!!

martin c. - 5/2/2021

Great product sounds awesome

Barry R. - 30/1/2021

All you need for any level

David H. - 29/1/2021

Perfect for my needs. Makes practice fun.

Caspar H. - 29/1/2021

Adam H. - 26/1/2021

Can be as loud or as quiet as you like and with the build in effects great for starters

Suzann D. - 25/1/2021

Staff recommended. Excellent amp, with many really useful features.

Edward C. - 1/1/2021

Christine M. - 29/12/2020

Erkut E. - 29/12/2020

Can't believe how much "stuff" is crammed into this superb sounding amp . . . and for such a great price.

Jim G. - 26/12/2020

Amazing little amp, such an array of sounds straight out of the box and using the software gives you another level of choice and modeling altogether. A very worthy purchase would even consider the 100W as a gigging unit with this versatility.

Richard H. - 26/12/2020

compact amp for the home; well suited to the guitar and size of room.

Loftus B. - 18/12/2020

Brilliant amp for beginners like me. It has all sorts of effects to keep me entertained for hours and hours.

Alex S. - 9/12/2020

Great mid-range amp with a lot of features (effects, distortion/overdrive etc) and a powerful sound

Geffen L. - 7/12/2020

Tracy C. - 2/12/2020

Boss katana amps are awesome and offer such a wide range of tones and effects. As a middle aged beginner, I have just started to purchase a few pedals so the on-board fx in the katana are extremely handy as I build up my pedal board. I also like the fact that you can physically adjust the knobs without having to use apps etc.

gilbert w. - 2/12/2020

Christopher P. - 2/12/2020

Excellent sound quality and fantastic effects

Susan W. - 21/11/2020

Good tones straight out the box

Kenny S. - 12/11/2020

peter r. - 10/11/2020

Believe the reviews. This is the only and last amp you'll ever need.

Steven F. - 9/11/2020

David P. - 8/11/2020

Bought the Katana to upgrade my Fender champ 20. Absolutely fantastic amp. Really opened up the tonal qualities of my guitars. Always wanted an LP Standard but Gibson is out of my price range so went for the Epiphone and it's fantastic! Build quality, fit and finish are excellent for the price! It fits nicely along with my Player Strat and it rocks!

PETER W. - 25/10/2020

John B. - 25/10/2020

Great shop. Very knowledgeable, helpful people!

Keith D. - 17/10/2020

That 0.5 watt setting is ideal for a household and teaching setup

Dale F. - 15/10/2020

Exactly what my son needed.

Dorothy B. - 6/10/2020

This little amp has everything you need for practicing, or gigging on a budget. Loads of boss effects loaded in. Great value for money. I have had nothing but fun with this since I purchased it from Guitar Guitar. Would highly recommend.

Brian M. - 6/10/2020

Luke S. - 5/10/2020

Great all round amplifier. Amazing tones for all types music. Plug in and play straight out the box and has a tone of tones and pedals on the boss tone studio. This amplifier can get loud so the 0.5w and the 25w setting comes in handy for bedroom practice.

Ross T. - 18/9/2020

Amazing sound and absolutely ideal for a home setup. Best amp to use at home I'd say.

Steven N. - 15/9/2020

Scott M. - 7/9/2020

Really enjoying this product.

David B. - 27/8/2020

sian b. - 26/8/2020

Amp has plenty of effects and sounds really good. The PC application that works with the amp is amazing. I would recommend for all playing styles except modern heavy metal guitar as the heavier high gain sounds are a bit lacking IMHO.

Matthew B. - 25/8/2020

Eric F. - 22/8/2020

I haven?t worked out all the settings yet but I?m pretty sure it will then prove to be a five star product. At the moment it?s probably too much amp for my electric guitar capabilities.

John S. - 14/8/2020

Margaret F. - 17/6/2020

It is just what i needed for home practice and party time. just bursting with different settings.Brill.

Anthony G. - 5/6/2020

Great little amp with lots of features.

michael c. - 4/6/2020

Great guitar amp, very versatile as it works with electro-acoustic guitar. Lots of features, highly recommend

Alain L. - 3/6/2020

Very easy to use. Some excellent tones to be found in this amp. The power dial is a welcome feature if you've got sensitive neighbours.

Ian F. - 3/6/2020

Alex E. - 1/6/2020

Fraser L. - 29/5/2020

Huw L. - 26/5/2020

Great value for manoey. Can't go wrong with the Katana 50

Michael L. - 24/5/2020

Ideal amp for home and home studio work.

Ian M. - 23/5/2020

The amp itself is top class. I?m surprised it?s not more expensive. The sound is great through the 12inch speaker and really user friendly. Could not recommend more. Everyone should face one.

Thomas . - 23/5/2020

Katana is a great mix between simplicity and complexity - however you want it - plays great out of the box, but if you want to get into detail via USB connection to a PC you can. The standard tones / variations are well voiced, and a i love the line in to hook my Helix direct to the power amp section if I am using IR's or cab simulations.

Chad M. - 23/5/2020

Sounds amazing compared to my old Marshall amp and has loads of tones and effects To play with.

Barrie T. - 22/5/2020

Ryan N. - 21/5/2020

Unlimited possibilities. Quality sounds.

Julian W. - 21/5/2020

Bertie W. - 21/5/2020

Martyn N. - 3/5/2020

Andrew S. - 29/4/2020

It the best amp I have ever purchased and for the money the most bang for buck item ever

Matthew B. - 29/4/2020

Can?t go wrong with this amp buy one.

Graham K. - 28/4/2020

The Boss Katana 50 Mkll is a first class amplifier. Comparatively light weight as well so, no more threats of a hernia - hopefully.

Tad K. - 28/4/2020

This amp is fantastic, really impressed!

Martin H. - 28/4/2020

Allan R. - 28/4/2020

Brilliant amp for the money, great sounds and so easy to use

Michael D. - 28/4/2020

Martin E. - 28/4/2020

Graham R. - 7/4/2020

It's the best amp I have had. Brilliant.

peter s. - 2/3/2020

The Boss amp is perfect for my requirements, enthusiastic amateur trying to emulate my guitar heroes at home, and you never know, might be encouraged to get on the road again! been a while!!

Andrew G. - 26/1/2020


Robert C. - 9/1/2020

Amazing sound and features, especially for the price

Gerald S. - 29/11/2019

Awesome amp

Chris S. - 29/11/2019

Great product.

Derek W. - 23/11/2019

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