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Red Seven Amplification Amp Central Reactive Impulse Response Loader



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What we say:

At A Glance:

The Red Seven Amplification Amp Central is a modern reactive and resistive Impulse Response loader. Aiming to provide life like tones the Amp Central recreates the interaction between your amp and a speaker with an all analog design. Each Impulse Response you load will present itself with a life like tone that can be routed straight to your DAW or mixer.

Features We Love:

Reactive Load

Not only does a reactive load protect your amplifier it also provides a more comprehensive response for your Impulse Responses. The Amp Central features a fully analog design that aims to recreate the interaction between an amp and a real cabinet. The result is a lifelike sound that can handle the power of your amplifier with ease.

Stereo FX Loop

A wonderful addition to this IR Loader is the stereo FX loop, this can be a huge benefit for amps that don't already have an effects loop.

Your Own IR's

Combine this powerful loader with your own IR's and see just how life like it is. Though the Amp Central comes with 16 pre-loaded Impulse Responses it's incredibly easy to switch over to your own and see how it reacts.


  • Rugged Design
  • Provides incredibly life like responses
  • Can add an FX loop to your amp


  • Reactive/resistive load (with independent output) at 8 ohm / 100W
  • I.R. loader with 16 slots @ 48Khz/24bit
  • Stereo unbalanced (jacks) and balanced (XLRs) connectors
  • Stereo FX loop fx
  • USB input
  • MIDI INPUT and THRU port
  • 9/12VDC @ 300mA (power supply included)
  • Rack-mountable in 2U standard rack format