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Walrus Audio MAKO D1 V2 Delay Pedal

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What we say:

At A Glance:

The Walrus Audio MAKO D1 V2 Delay is an update Walrus Audio's already in-depth Delay pedal. Featuring 5 incredibly high quality delay programs you have a sound for every occasion. With a comprehensive set of controls including modulation and attack controls you truly have the ability to manipulate your delay tone to perfection. Plus with the ability to save up to 9 presets onboard (128 via MIDI) you'll never be without those essential tones.

Features We Love:

5 Delay Styles

Choose from 5 classic Delay styles to get started on your sonic journey. Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual, and Reverse all serve to give you a unique voice bursting with life and ambience.

  • Digital is the classic crystal clear delay we all know and love, creating that precise delay tone with no added grit.
  • Mod creates lush and unpredictable pitch modulations thanks to the unique LFO's that are activated in this setting.
  • Vintage is the iconic analog tape sound, with complex filtering occurring over the delay trails that emulate the grit and grain of classic delays.
  • Dual employs 2 separate delay sounds at once, when in mono the sounds are added together, when connected in Stereo one set is sent left and one set is sent right. This is particularly cool when you start to play with the subdivision settings.
  • Reverse is a unique sound that reads the delay sound backwards creating an interesting character outside of your standard delays.

Stereo In/Out

While this pedal can easily be used as a simple Mono stomp box, it has the ability to be so much more. Stereo input and output combined with the added stereo widening controls allow you to create huge soundscapes that can fill the room easily with lush echoes.

3 Modulation effects

The bottom left mini-toggle is listed as "Mod, Tone, Age". Each of these 3 settings combined with the "Tweak" knob gives you access to a new world of different tones for every delay style.

  • Mod introduces tasteful modulations to your delay trails.
  • Tone has the effect of brightening or darkening your trails.
  • Age adds a grit that will bring back memories of vintage delay pedals.

Attack Settings

With the Attack knob you're given yet more control over your tone. The ability to soften the attack of your delay trails allows you to tailor your sound, whether you're looking for precise and clear, or muted and lush echoes you can dial it in perfectly with this knob.


You can save up to nine presets on board, which is great for when you find sounds that you absolutely love and want to incorporate into your rig.


  • Comprehensive delay tones mixed with modulation effects
  • 5 delay pedals in one
  • Can be run in stereo or mono


  • Multi Function Delay Pedal with Presets
  • 5 high-fidelity stereo delay programs: Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual, Reverse
  • Momentary feedback ramp up for all programs
  • 3 subdivisions: Quarter, Eighth and Dotted Eighth
  • Modulation and tone control for all programs
  • Soften echo attack with the attack knob
  • Stereo in/out
  • Save up to 9 presets onboard, 128 via MIDI
  • Built on our powerful MAKO platform with Analog Devices SHARC processor
  • D1 V2 updates are as follows:
    • Retooled Reverse program for a stronger effect.
    • Retooled Vintage program to emulate a tape delay
    • Replaced bit crusher effect on the Digital program with overdrive/grit.
    • Added stereo width control allows two widening types – Panning and Haas Stereo Effect.
    • Added USB functionality for firmware updates via walrusaudio.io.
  • Designed for live- and studio-applications
  • 3 bypass modes: true bypass, DSP+true bypass (trails) and DSP bypass
  • 9-volt DC, Center Negative, 300mA minimum
  • 12,4 x 6,7 x 6,4 cm
  • Power Supply not included
  • Made in the USA