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Cioks Flex 3050 DC Plug 2.5mm 50cm


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Manufacturer's ID: CK-FLEXDC3050

Type 3 Flex cable is yellow and fitted with a center negative 5,5/2,5mm DC plug. This is the cable you need if you want to power a Line6 Stomp from the CIOKS DC7 – simply combine this Flex cable with the 8800 Parallel Adapter Flex and you are good to go.

Apart from the Line6 Stomp pedals, this type of plug is very rarely seen with pedals. Three pedals we know use this standard and these are T-Rex Spindoctor, Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 and Digitech JamMan Solo XT where the last one is not even for sure. JamMan Solo XT needs for sure a centre negative DC plug but we had a client who couldn’t fit in the standard 5,5/2,1mm plug so we’ve made this yellow one with same standard BOSS polarity but for the larger 2,5mm pin. It’s only available with angled (L-shaped) plug and only in 50cm length.

If you have green Flex cables to supply for instance your Eventides with 12V DC and would like to use another color for an AC pedal which also has a 2,5 pin socket, you can use this cable so you can distinguish them. With AC pedal the polarity does not matter.


  • 3050: CIOKS Flex 3 – 50cm (20″) with 5,5/2,5mm center negative angled DC plug (yellow)